CO2 content: max. 800 mg/l

What offers You Cristalina in addition to a regular deep water?

The consumption of natural waters from a reliable and reputable source. What does this mean for You?

Greater purity

Thanks to the origin at the foot of the Harghita volcanic mountains, the natural mineral water Cristalina is microbiologically pure.

More health

On the way to the surface, the mineral water crosses the massive volcanic rocks of Harghita Mountains, enriching itself with a balanced mineral complex. So the natural mineral water, compared to the other common water, is rich in calcium and magnesium, that are necessary for the human organism.

Related services

The Cristalina mineral water goes directly to You without any effort. Do not waste time and energy! You only need to estimate the weekly consumption of natural mineral water and place the order. Our team ensures regular delivery of natural mineral water, directly to the company.

Furthermore, we provide full service maintenance of equipment, to ensure You, that they are in good condition. So You can always be sure, that You enjoy a pure natural mineral water, we take care for the regularly sanitation of the equipment.

Cristalina watercooler system

Cristalina offers You all conditions, to enjoy a natural mineral water, directly at your working place. The complete system of Cristalina includes: doser, which offers heating and cooling of the water, cans of polycarbonate glasses and disposable cups and of course, Cristalina natural mineral water.

Do You want a cold water to cool You in hot summer days? Do You want to quickly prepare a hot beverage: coffee, tea, hot chocolate or instant soup? Cristalina offers You the watercooler system, that combines two technologies: the cooling of the water to 4-12 C and the heating of the water to 85-95 C. The Cristalina natural mineral water is available in 19 L polycarbonate container.

Chemical composition (mg/l)
Analysis SNAM
Source FI
Dissolved minerals: 1019(mg/l)
Hydrogen carbonates
maximum 800