History ...

In Sâncrăieni the bottling activity of mineral water had already started in 1952 and it had been going on until 1974, when the first high capacity factory was built, which serves as the basis of the company since then. The company PERLA HARGHITEI S.A. was founded in 1990 - as a state company, and it was privatized in 1995.

When the company was founded, it had three bottling factories, two of which - KRAITEN IN HARGHITA S.A. respectively APEMIN TUŞNAD S.A. - separated during the ‘90s and reorganized as independent companies; the third company, with the medicinal water brand PERLA CASINULUI, entered into conservation. Between 2008-2009 the company Perla Harghitei S.A. successfully merges with Kraiten in Harghita S.A. and since then, the Tiva Harghita natural mineral water is part of the product portfolio of Perla Harghitei S.A.

Location ...

The registered office of the company Perla Harghitei S.A. is in Sâncrăieni village, in Harghita district, 10 km from Miercurea-Ciuc, on the E578 national road to Braşov.

Throughout the region, called Lower Ciuc, is particularly rich in mineral water sources, there are over 80 springs in Sâncrăieni village only.

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