Our quality-, environmental-, and food security policy

The company S.C. Perla Harghitei S.A. working in the field of production and bottling of natural mineral waters and soft drinks, cares for the protection of quality products both in national and international markets, respectively the satisfaction of customers by maintaining the quality and competitiveness.

The company's strategy focuses further on development, technology and diversification, to enjoy greater trust from domestic and foreign consumers. The company Perla Harghitei S.A. will strive hard to maintain the already implemented and certified management systems and to improve them continuously. In a competitive environment, in which the presence and consumption of natural mineral water and soft drinks are increasing, the company Perla Harghitei S.A. answers immediately - through its dynamic and professional employees - to the customer’s need, tending towards a higher satisfaction.

The main priority of the organization is production of quality goods under strict hygienic conditions, in an unpolluted environment and taking care of consumer’s safety, therefore the company Perla Harghitei S.A. has implemented and certified the quality-, environmental-, and food security management system, according to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and DS 3027E standards.

The brand Perla Harghitei is recognized in the domestic market but also in the international one, so the company puts great emphasis on quality products, which are always in a process of continuous improvement. With the help of high quality products, we inform our customers, that their needs are considered and we will meet their expectations and needs through the continuous improvement of the quality, respectively food security management systems.

The company’s slogan "Loves nature" has two meanings: on one hand, the slogan reflects that the company "loves the nature“ and the goods are produced under strict environmental conditions. On other hand, the slogan means, that the customers by consuming Perla Harghitei products, they do respect the environment, because they consume natural products. Besides the fact that the organisation complies with legal quality -, and environmental requirements, for the company Perla Harghitei S.A. the food security is a priority, focusing on consumer safety, producing the goods in strict hygienic conditions. By doing this the company prevents the contamination of its products and do not endanger its consumers.

As General Manager of the company, I take responsibility for achieving the proposed objectives, the functioning and continuous improvement of management systems, respectively for the implementation of quality-, environmental-, and food security policies into practice. In order to comply with the above mentioned principles, I assure the compliance with legal requirements, the allocation of all material-, technical-, financial- and human resources.


Director General
Kurkó Árpád